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K.2. Training for Nonviolent Action

Volume Two -> K. Preparation and Training for Nonviolent Action -> K.2. Training for Nonviolent Action
Beck, Sanderson, Nonviolent Action Handbook, Goleta CA, World Peace Communications, 2002, pp. 95

Introductory texts, downloadable or as print copies from: World Peace Communications, 495 Whitman St, Goleta, CA 93117, USA.

Desai, Narayan, Handbook for Satyagrahis: A Manual for Volunteers of Total Revolution, New Delhi, Gandhi Peace Foundation, 1980, pp. 57

The founder of the Institute for Total Revolution outlines a Gandhian approach to nonviolence training.

Fisher, Simon ; Abdi, Dekha Ibrahin ; Ludin, Jawed ; Williams, Richard ; Smith, Steven ; Williams, Sue, Working With Conflict: Skills and Strategies for Action, London, Zed, 2000, pp. 185

Includes exercises and advice on active nonviolence.

Hunter, Daniel ; Lakey, George, Opening Space for Democracy: Training Manual for Third-Party Nonviolent Intervention, Philadelphia PA, Training for Change, 2004, pp. 628

Much of this book can be downloaded from:

Devised as a training resource for the Nonviolent Peace Force, this manual contains hundreds of training activities, with special emphasis on team-building and defending human rights. It includes over 60 handouts, an integrated 23 day curriculum, and many tips for trainers.

Miller, Christopher A., Strategic Nonviolent Conflict: A Training Manual, Addis Ababa, University of Peace Africa Programme, 2006, pp. 142

A manual derived mainly from writings and approach of Gene Sharp, Robert Helvey and Peter Ackerman and directed at an African audience.

Nonviolent Training Project, Nonviolent Trainers Resources Manual, Melbourne VIC, Nonviolent Training Project, 1995, pp. 211

Wide ranging manual with sections on: ‘Defining nonviolence’, ‘Power and conflict’, ‘Learning from other movements’, ‘Strategic frameworks’, ‘Nonviolence and communication’, ‘Working in groups’, ‘Preparing for nonviolent action’.

Websites recommended

(844.)The Seeds for Change Network - 2016,

Offers variety of workshops from practical organizing skills to action preparation. Although their own writing does not use the term nonviolence, their web page includes material on nonviolence reproduced from Turning the Tide.

See also:

War Resisters' International, Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns, (K.1. Planning and Development of Campaigns), pp. 189-222.
Michael Randle; Gene Sharp, Annotated Bibliography on Training for Nonviolent Action and Civilian-Based Defence, (A. 7. Important Reference Works and Websites), Randle's introductory essay and related bibliography provide an important resource on the historical evolution of training for nonviolent action.