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Howard Clark

This website has mainly been the work of Howard Clark, who passed away on 28 November 2013. War Resisters' International, which Howard chaired since 2006, published the following announcement:
With deep sadness we must announce that last night WRI Chair Howard Clark passed away. Howard was Chair of WRI since 2006, and earlier worked for many years as Coordinator of WRI in London before moving to live with Yolanda Juarros Barcenilla in Spain. He is leaving a gap we are still unable to fully grasp. War Resisters' International is losing with him a good friend, a tireless and committed peace worker, a sharp mind and organizer, and his institutional memory reaching back many decades. Our thoughts are with Yolanda and their two children, Ismael and Violeta, at this tragic time. Information about memorials and an obituary can be found on this website later.

The WRI Office and Executive Friday, 29 November 2013

The War Resisters' International online book of condolences is available at: and an image gallery at You can also read an obituary

The International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC) and openDemocracy create a page in memory of Howard Clark.

Articles and obituraries

Published on: Fri, 19 December 2014

Michael Randle charts the course of Howard Clark’s life and career in peace activism and research, including his time working with Clark on the Alternative Defence Commission during the 1980s. In his politics and personality, Clark committed himself to building networks and coalitions.

Published on: Fri, 19 December 2014

April Carter explores Howard Clark’s academic contribution to the study of nonviolent action. Clark had special expertise on the civil resistance in Kosovo against Serbian oppression from 1988 to 1998. But his writing and knowledge of many struggles was internationalist in breadth.

Published on: Wed, 15 October 2014

Maciej Bartkowski, senior director of the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, remembers Howard Clark as an effective collaborator and a scholar-practitioner with a distinct and nuanced approach to the field of nonviolent conflict.

References to publications by Howard Clark on this website

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Year of Publication: 2013

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Year of Publication: 2012

Clark, Howard, No More Mortgage Suicides! Spain’s Social Movements Struggle for Housing Justice, Peace News, no. 2552-2553 (Dec-Jan), 2012

On the vigorous campaign to support mortgage defaulters and the wider 15M movement.

Year of Publication: 2009

Clark, Howard, People Power: Unarmed Resistance and Global Solidarity, London, Pluto Press, 2009, pp. 237

The Introduction and Afterword discuss key strategic questions and Part I consists of five case studies of nonviolent resistance from 5 continents. But the major focus is on forms of transnational support for resistance campaigns and the possible problems (as well major advantages) of not only governmental, but also nongovernmental support and intervention. Some of the main chapters in Part II and Part III are therefore listed separately under A.5.

Dudouet, Véronique ; Clark, Howard, Nonviolent Civic Action in Support of Human Rights and Democracy, EXPO/B/DROI/2008/69 PE407.008, Brussels, Directorate-General for External Policies of the Union, 2009, pp. 53

Scholarly study commissioned by the Human Rights Subcommittee of the European Parliament, evaluating EU practice and making recommendations on principles that should guide EU support for nonviolent action for democratization, including concrete proposals on how to make it more effective.

Year of Publication: 2002

Clark, Howard, An Obstacle to Progress, Peace News, no. 2449, 2002

Campaign of the U’wa people of Colombia to prevent oil drilling.

Year of Publication: 2000

Clark, Howard, Civil Resistance in Kosovo, London, Pluto Press, 2000, pp. 266

This study, whilst explaining the historical and political context of the civil resistance, focuses primarily on the strategy, institutions and weaknesses of the nonviolent struggle.

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Year of Publication: 1989

Clark, Howard, When the Best Say No: Impressions from a Visit to South Africa in Support of War Resisters, London, War Resisters' International, 1989, pp. 27

Year of Publication: 1986

Clark, Howard, Nonviolent resistance and social defence, In Chester, Gail ; Rigby, Andrew , Articles of Peace: celebrating fifty years of Peace News Bridport, Dorset, Prism, , 1986, pp. 46-49

Traces peace movement debates on social defence, including critiques.