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C.2.g. Campaigning to Prevent Climate Change

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Klein, Naomi, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate, New York and London, Simon and Schuster / Allen Lane, 2014, pp. 566

Well known critic of neoliberal globalization analyses its impact on climate change, argues against the adequacy of technical fixes and for fundamental social change. She also examines the developments in the environmental movement and suggests how campaigns against fracking and tar sands are front lines in the struggle against climate change.

Translations: Spanish
Light, John, Five Groups Fighting Climate Change,, 07/02/2014,

Summary account of following organizations and their campaigns: (founded to combat climate change globally); the Sierra Club; Greenpeace; Idle No More (founded 2012 in Canada mostly by Native North Americans to combat government tar sands plan); and Union of Concerned Scientists.

Pearse, Guy, The Climate Movement: Australia’s Patrons of Climate Change Activism, The Monthly, issue 7 (Sept), 2011, pp. 3-2

Whelan, James, Community Organising for Climate Action, Social Alternatives, Vol. 31, issue 1 (April), 2012

Examines techniques of community organizing adopted by some environmental and climate change activists, and notes this approach alien to institutionalized and hierarchical NGOs.