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About is an independent website, maintained by people committed to opposing war and all forms of injustice, and promoting understanding of nonviolence and nonviolent social change. It has so far focused primarily on nonviolent struggle/civil resistance as a strategy and it is used in a very wide range of causes around the world; but the website may in the future be extended to include a wider exploration of theoretical approaches to nonviolence and experiments in creating a more nonviolent society. 

The website was started by nonviolent activist and scholar, Howard Clark, in 2007 and since his death in 2013 have been maintained by a team of volunteers. The initial project was to put on-line the bibliography of nonviolent action People Power and Protest Since 1945 (Housmans, 2006) of which Howard was co-author. Subsequent enlarged and updated versions of the bibliography, A Guide to Civil Resistance (Merlin Press, Vol. 1, 2013 and Vol. 2, 2015) have been transfered to the website. These supersede the original 2006 bibliography, but incorporate some sections of it (e.g. detailed references to resistance in communist regimes in 1950s and 1960s) which were excluded from the two printed volumes of the Guide.

Primary responsibility for updating and extending both the bibliography and the website was transferred in September 2017 (for three years in the first instance) to the Division of Peace Studies and International Development at the University of Bradford (UK). 

Funding for a PhD student to work part-time on the website has been provided by Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, which also contributed to the printing of Vol. 1 and 2 of A Guide to Civil Resistance as well as the earlier bibliography People Power and Protest Since 1945. 

A grant to enable Vol. 1 of A Guide to Civil Resistance to be transferred to this website in 2015 in searchable form was made by the International Committee on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC) in Washington, D.C., and the Network for Social Change (UK) made it possible to transfer Vol. 2 to the website in 2017. 

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