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Europe's Blind Spot: The Movement Against Corruption in Bulgaria

Author: Radosveta Vassileva

In: Green European Journal, 2020

Vassileva, an activist and legal scholar, responds to questions from the Green European Journal explaining the origins and causes of the protests that broke out in July 2020, including the nature of corruption and the role of the prosecutor's office.

See also:

Vassileva, Radosveta, 'Bulgaria: 100 Days of Protest', New Eastern Europe, 28 October 2020.

Provides a brief commentary explaining how the Prosecutor raided the President's office with the aim of impeaching him (i.e. tried to 'orchestrate a coup') and so precipitated over a 100 days of protest.  The author also comments on the role of the EU Parliament (unlike other EU institutions) in passing a resolution very critical of Borissov.

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