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Resistance Studies Network

Editor: Resistance Studies Network

The Resistance Studies Network is a forum for scholars engaging with practices of resistance. The Journal of Resistance Studies (main editors Stellan Vinthagen and Jorgen Johansen) is published by Irene Publishing, University of Gothenburg. It is an international academic journal with a primary, but critical, focus on nonviolent resistance. It includes many articles and debates of theoretical interest, but also carries articles and book reviews relating to specific movements round the world. In 2020 the editors reached an agreement to offer two free e-issues of the journal during the year to members of the International Peace Research Association, the European Peace Research Association and the Peace and Justice Studies Association. The journal also cooperates with the Waging Nonviolence website (see below) and asks authors also to provide shorter and more accessible versions of their JRS contributions, suitable for the activist-oriented users of that website. Visit

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