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Charles Tilly

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Year of Publication: 2004

Tilly, Charles, Social Movements, 1768-2004, Boulder CO, Paradigm Publishers, 2004, pp. 204

Chapter 5, pp. 95-122, ‘Social Movements enter the Twenty-First Century’, takes as its starting point the January 2001 text message in Manila, ‘Go EDSA, Wear black’ and goes on to discuss the relationship between social movements and communications technology with further details on unrest in Manila.

Year of Publication: 2001

McAdam, Doug ; Tarrow, Sidney ; Tilly, Charles, The Dynamics of Contentious Politics, Cambridge and New York, Cambridge University Press, 2001, pp. 407

Book by three important authors in the field of social movements who also have some interest in nonviolent action – they address the role of nonviolent action more directly in their contribution to the ‘Symposium on Nonviolence’ (see below).

Year of Publication: 1993

Tilly, Charles, European Revolutions, 1492-1992, Oxford, Blackwell, 1993

Well-known exponent of the theory and history of resistance and revolt. In later part of book discusses whether the events in the Soviet bloc in 1989-91 count as revolutionary, and the possibility of nonviolent revolution.

Year of Publication: 1978

Tilly, Charles, From Mobilization to Resistance, Reading MA, Addison Wesley, 1978

A classic of the social movement literature and the developing concepts of ‘repertoire’ and ‘contentious politics’.