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Juliette Verhoeven

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Year of Publication: 2006

Kaufman, Edy ; Salem, Walid ; Verhoeven, Juliette, Bridging the Divide: Peacebuilding in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Boulder CO, Lynne Rienner, 2006, pp. 230

Includes chapter by Mohammed Abu Nimer, ‘Nonviolent Action is Israel and Palestine: A Growing Force’ (pp. 135-171) and others on the role of civil society and NGOs in both Israel and Palestine. Also profiles of a range of Israeli and Palestinian organizations.

Year of Publication: 2005

von Tongeren, Paul ; Brenk, Malin ; Hellema, Marte ; Verhoeven, Juliette, People Building Peace II: Successful Stories of Civil Society, Boulder CO, Lynne Rienner, 2005, pp. 695