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Year of Publication: 2015

New Internationalist, The transgender revolution, New Internationalist, no. 486, 2015

Covers a range of issues and including a list of organizations and resources.

New Internationalist, Syria's Good Guys: Inside a Forgotten Revolution, New Internationalist, no. 485, 2015, pp. -11

Very useful compendium covering early resistance, the development of civil war and proxy wars providing a timeline, celebrating artistic activity, citizen jourbalism, the White Helmets who rescue the injured, and individual acts of resistance to ISIS. It includes resources on campaigns, web-based analysis and recommended books. 

Note on the "White Helmets": in early 2017 the White Helmets, who have operated in rebel-held areas, have been criticised for exaggerating their role and using misleading videos (a Channel Fact Check disputed a claim by a Canadian journalist that video footage had been recycled). They have also been attacked for their receipt of official western funding, and even accused of extremist factions. Criticisms, which appears to come mostly from pro-Assad and pro-Russian sources, was fuelled by an Oscar nomination for a documentary about their work. 

Year of Publication: 2010

New Internationalist, Durga Sob: Nepal’s trailblazing Dalit feminist, New Internationalist, no. May, 2010, pp. 33-32

Year of Publication: 2004

New Internationalist, Mao or never. China's people speak, New Internationalist, no. 371 (September), 2004, pp. 9-28