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Ian Welsh

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Year of Publication: 2004

Donson, Fiona ; Chesters, Graeme ; Welsh, Ian ; Tickle, Andrew, Rebels with a Cause: Folk Devils without a Panic: Press Jingoism and Policing Tactics and Anticapitalist Protest London and Prague, Internet Journal of Criminology, 2004

Year of Publication: 2001

Welsh, Ian, Anti-Nuclear Movements: Failed Projects or Heralds of a Direct Action Milieu?, Sociological Research Online, Vol. 6, no. 3, 2001

Argues that these movements should be seen as a process of ‘capacity building’.

Year of Publication: 2000

Welsh, Ian, Mobilising Modernity: The Nuclear Moment, London, Routledge, 2000, pp. 256

See especially chapter 6 ‘The Moment of Direct Action’ and chapter 7 ‘Networking: Direct Action and Collective Refusal’.

Year of Publication: 1998

Tickle, Andrew ; Welsh, Ian, Environment and Society in Eastern Europe, London, Longman, 1998, pp. 192

Examines contribution of environmental activism to ‘an immanent civil society’. Chapters on Hungary, Poland, Romania and Russia.

Year of Publication: 1996

Welsh, Ian ; McLeish, Phil, The European Road to Nowhere: Anarchism and Direct Action against the UK Roads Programme, Anarchist Studies, Vol. 4, no. 1, 1996, pp. 27-44