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David Krieger

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Year of Publication: 2015

Braun, Reiner ; Krieger, David, Einstein – Peace Now! Visions and Ideas, Weinheim, Wiley-VCH, 2015, pp. 305

Collects tributes to Einstein as a man of science and Nobel Peace Laureate, and explores Einstein’s vision of peace and scientific responsibility, especially in relation to nuclear science.

Year of Publication: 2013

Krieger, David, Zero. The Case for Nuclear Abolition, Santa Barbara, CA, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, 2013, pp. 166

David Krieger, founder of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, proposes a counter argument to the widely held belief that nuclear weapons are necessary and provide protection to the countries that possess them. He argues that there is a ‘human responsibility’ to seek the elimination of these weapons.

Year of Publication: 2012

Falk, Richard ; Krieger, David, The Path To Zero. Dialogues On Nuclear Dangers, Boulder, CO, Paradigms Publishers, 2012, pp. 221

The authors critique the theory of nuclear deterrence, and debate the role of civil society in leading to the abolition of nuclear weapons. They also discuss nuclear weapons from a moral and cultural perspective, and the interconnections between nuclear weapons and militarism, energy, international law, and democracy.

See also Richard Falk and David Krieger (2016) ‘A Dialogue on Nuclear Weapons’ in Peace Review, Vol. 28, issue 3, pp. 280-287, DOI: 10.1080/10402659.2016.1201936.

A dialogue on what steps are necessary to achieve a world free of nuclear weapons.

Year of Publication: 2011

Krieger, David, The Challenge Of Abolishing Nuclear Weapons, New Brunswick and London, Transaction Publisher, 2011, pp. 273

The contributors provide historical perspective on nuclear weapons policy; explore the role of international law in furthering the prospects of nuclear weapons abolition; consider the obstacles to nuclear abolition; to achieving a nuclear-weapons-free-world; and consider issues of sovereignty, and general and complete disarmament.

See also: Krieger, David (2003) Hope In A Dark Time, Santa Barbara, CA: Capra Press, pp. 255.

Includes essays on hope and nuclear weapons abolition by many leading figures, such as Adam Curle, Joseph Rotblat, and Elise Boulding. It also includes an exchange on global citizenship and global democracy.

Year of Publication: 2007

Braun, Reiner ; Krieger, David ; Kroto, Harold ; Milne, Sally, Joseph Rotblat: Visionary For Peace, Weinheim, Wiley-VCH, 2007, pp. 355

A series of essays on the life of Joseph Rotblat, British physics and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, including his activism for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Year of Publication: 2001

Krieger, David ; Ikeda, Daisaku, Choose Hope. Your Role In Waging Peace In The Nuclear Age, Santa Monica, CA, Middle Way Press, 2001, pp. 202

A dialogue between two peace philosophers, one American and one Japanese, that provide a balance of Western and Eastern perspectives on the imperative of abolishing nuclear weapons.