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Michael Hamel-Green

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Year of Publication: 2015

Hamel-Green, Michael, Antinuclear campaigning and the South Pacific Nuclear-Free Zone (Rarotonga) Treaty, 1960-85, Melbourne, Proceedings of the 14th Biennal Labour History Conference, 2015

This paper examines the role and contribution of antinuclear and civil society efforts to establish a regional nuclear free zone in the period up to the signing of the 1985 South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone (SPNFZ) Rarotonga Treaty. The Treaty negotiated under the auspices of the South Pacific Forum (now Pacific Islands Forum), the regional organization of independent South Pacific island states, Australia and New Zealand. The antinuclear campaigns that led up to and contributed to the negotiation of the Treaty began some 25 years earlier and may be divided into three broad waves.