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Zohreh Nosrat Kharazmi

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Year of Publication: 2019

Shiva, Negar ; Kharazmi, Zohreh Nosrat, The Fourth Wave of Feminism and the Lack of Social Realism in Cyberspace, Journal of Cyberspace Studies, Vol. 3, no. 2, 2019, pp. 129-146

The authors link the rise of ‘the fourth wave of feminism’ to the impact of cyberspace on social movements. They argue that social media offer accessibility, a potentially wide audience, low cost and a user-friendly environment, which encourage women to publicise sexual violence, and to then tackle wider issues such as the gender pay gap. The Internet-based feminist movement is also trying to highlight intersectionality, i.e. the impact of multiple forms of institutionalized oppression based on sex, gender, race, class, etc.