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Doty Kendra

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Year of Publication: 2020

Kendra, Doty, "Girl Riot, Not Gonna Be Quiet”––Riot Grrrl, #MeToo, and the Possibility of Blowing the Whistle on Sexual Harassment, Hastings Women’s Law Journal, Vol. 31, no. 1, 2020, pp. 41-68

This article makes comparisons between the pre-digital ‘Riot Girl’ movement of the 1990s, which developed out of feminist punk rock bands in the US, and MeToo. Both have named perpetrators of sexual violence, warned others about predators, and offered support to survivors. But those naming perpetrators have become much more liable to retaliation in the digital age. The author argues that the complex body of law related to whistleblowing provides a framework for MeToo accusers to express their anger and frustration, as the Riot Girl did.