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Cecilia Menjívar

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Year of Publication: 2017

Menjívar, Cecilia ; Walsh, Shannon, The Architecture of Feminicide: The State, Inequalities, and Everyday Gender Violence in Honduras, Latin American Research Review, Vol. 52, no. 2, 2017, pp. 221-240

The authors examine the role of the state in relation to the growing risk of violence against women at home and on the streets. They argue that, especially since the 2009 coup, increasing political repression, pervasive violence and the loss of power by civil society groups promote extreme violence against women. They also argue that there is a growing gap between the laws officially protecting women (passed to appease international or internal pressure) and the actual implementation of those laws.

Year of Publication: 2016

Walsh, Shannon ; Menjívar, Cecilia, What Guarantees Do We Have?” Legal Tolls and Persistent Impunity for Feminicide in Guatemala, Latin America Politics and Society, Vol. 58, no. 4, 2016, pp. 31-55

Despite laws intended to protect women, Guatemala has one of the highest levels of killings of women and impunity for violence against women in the world. This article examines obstacles in the justice system to processing cases of feminicide comparing two cases. It argues that the sociopolitical context of structural violence, widespread poverty, inequality, corruption, and normalization of gender violence against women, generates penalties, or “legal tolls” on victims' families. These tolls of fear and time (the need to overcome fear of retaliation and the extraordinary time and effort it takes to do so in a corrupt and broken system) undermine efforts by victims to find a way through the justice system.

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