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Rebecca Solnit

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Year of Publication: 2017

Solnit, Rebecca, The Mother Of All Questions: Further Feminisms, London, Granta Books, 2017, pp. 194

A collection of essays by a leading feminist, that responds to the rapid social change resulting from the latest renewal of feminism both in North America and worldwide. It starts with a long new essay ‘Silence is broken’, which explores the many ways in which not only women but other vulnerable groups have been silenced. The author notes that this is a book that ‘deals with men who are ardent feminists as well as men who are rapists’ and that ‘this is a feminist book, yet it is not about women’s experience alone.’

Year of Publication: 2005

Solnit, Rebecca, Hope in the Dark; The Untold History of People Power, London, Canongate Books, 2005, pp. 181

Brief personal reflections on activism and the potential for change, touching on Zapatistas, the social justice movement, indigenous peoples’ actions and the transnational opposition to war in Iraq. No index.

Year of Publication: 1994

Solnit, Rebecca, Savage Dreams: A Journey into the Hidden Wars of the American West, San Francisco CA, Sierra Club Books, 1994, pp. 401

Autobiographical account of radical campaigning activities against nuclear tests in Nevada. Author argues that policy of testing nuclear weapons in the American West is rooted in 19th century attitudes and policies towards native American peoples.