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Relebohile Moletsane

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Year of Publication: 2018

Mitchell, Claudia ; de Lange, Naydene ; Moletsane, Relebohile, Addressing Sexual Violence in South Africa: ‘Gender activism in the making’, In Oinas; Onodera; Suurpää, What politics? Youth And Political Engagement In South Africa (F.5.ii.2. Overviews of Regional and National Movements), Leiden and Boston, Brill, pp. 317-336

The authors show how university students were able to challenge sexual violence in South Africa in practical and locally relevant ways. They used formal methods of influencing policy, but prioritised the young women’s own views and voices, in ways that they felt empowering. What remains to be further explored, by both researchers and organizations, is how to act as a good ally and supportive collaborator to these kinds of semi-autonomous youth groups navigating formal power.