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Fatima Sadiqi

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Year of Publication: 2018

Sadiqi, Fatima ; Ouguir, Aziza, Reflecting on feminism in Africa. A conversation from Morocco, Meridians: feminism, race, transnationalism, Vol. 17, no. 2, 2018, pp. 269-278

Interview with Fatima Sadiqi, professor of Linguistics and Gender Studies, on the discourse around feminism, Islam, gender equality, social justice and democracy in Morocco.

Year of Publication: 2016

Ennaji, Moha ; Sadiqi, Fatima ; Vintges, Karen, Moroccan Feminisms: New Perspectives, Trenton, NJ, Africa World Press, 2016, pp. 260

The authors explores the various aspects of Moroccan feminism from a historical, sociological and comparative perspective. They discuss women and politics, women’s NGOs, female identities, women and Sufism, and their role in the 20 February Movement (20 February 2011 – March/April 2012). They also cover women’s role in society in general, from various but inter-related perspectives: secular, Islamic, grassroots, etc.

See also Ennaji, Moha (2020) ‘Women’s activism in North Africa: a historical and socio-political approach’ in Darhour, Hanane and Drude Dahlerup (eds) (2020) Double-Edged Politics on Women’s Rights in the MENA Region. Gender and Politics, Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 157-178.

Analyses women’s activism strategies in Tunisia and Morocco directed at transforming gender roles; pursuing better legal rights and women’s progress in the public sphere; opposing violence and discrimination against women, and trying to consolidate democracy in the aftermath of the Arab Spring.