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Pat Patfoort

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Year of Publication: 2012

Patfoort, Pat, Difendersi Senza Aggredire. La Potenza Della Nonviolenza, Pisa, Pisa University Press, 2012, pp. 354

In this work, Patfoort proposes a theoretical framework for nonviolent conflict management and provides practical examples on how to resolve conflicts non-violently at the personal level, in contexts affecting the environment as well as within international politics.

Year of Publication: 2008

Patfoort, Pat, Sich verteidigen ohne anzugreifen - Der Macht der Gewaltfreiheit, Sicherheit under Frieden, Baden, Wekstatt fuer gewaltfreie Aktion, 2008

Many people dream about a world without hate violence and war, but they doubt such a world is possible.  So finally, they cease to dream about it.  Patfoort ch allenges such resignation with a book of hope, but also describes the system within which people are inhibited.  Finally, he offers a  model of equality in rank and nonviolence, where self-assertion without attacking others seems possible.