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Gernot Jochheim

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Year of Publication: 2002

Jochheim, Gernot, Frauenprotest in der Rosenstrasse. Berlin 1943. Bericht, Dokumente. Hintergr√ľnde, Berlin, Hentrich and Hentrich, 2002, pp. 223

Study of important and rare example of open protest against Gestapo, by German wives demanding release of their German Jewish husbands who had been arrested.

Year of Publication: 1984

Jochheim, Gernot, Die Gewaltfreie Aktion. Ideen und Methoden, Vorbilder und Wirkungen, Hamburg, Rausch und Roehrig, 1984, pp. 334

A general description of nonviolent action, its ideas, methods and effects.