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Jacques Sémelin

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Year of Publication: 1997

Sémelin, Jacques, La Liberté Au Bout Des Ondes. Du Coup De Prague A La Chute Du Mur De Berlin, Paris, Belfond, 1997, pp. 347

This book provides accounts of the various peaceful revolutions in Eastern Europe against totalitarianism after 1948, culminating in 1989, with a specific emphasis on the role of media.

Year of Publication: 1994

Mellon, Christian ; Sémelin, Jacques, La Non-violence, Paris, Presse Universitaire de la France, 1994, pp. 128

The authors offer a definition of nonviolence and its main components, before reviewing the history of nonviolent struggles, as well as the past and future research agenda on civil resistance.

Year of Publication: 1993

Sémelin, Jacques, Unarmed Against Hitler: Civilian Resistance in Europe, 1939-43, [1989 in French], Westport CT, Praeger, 1993, pp. 198

Examines the main traits of Nazi occupation of Europe, the complexities of non-cooperation, and the role of social cohesion and public opinion in mounting effective opposition. Chapter on civilian resistance to genocide considers why the Final Solution was hampered, or even prevented, in certain countries.

Translations: German | French

Year of Publication: 1985

Mellon, Christian ; Muller, Jean-Marie ; Sémelin, Jacques, La dissuasion civile, Paris, Fondation des Etudes de Défense Nationale (FEDN), 1985, pp. 204

Study commissioned by the then French Defence Minister on the principles and techniques of nonviolent defence.