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Charles Chatfield

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Year of Publication: 1997

Smith, Jackie ; Chatfield, Charles ; Pagnucco, Ron, Transnational Social Movements and Global Politics: Solidarity Beyond the State, Syracuse NJ, Syracuse University Press , 1997, pp. 311

Year of Publication: 1995

Chatfield, Charles, Ironies of Protest: Interpreting the American Anti-Vietnam War Movement, In Grünewald, Guido ; Van den Dungen, Peter , Twentieth-century peace movements: Successes and failures Lewiston NY, Edwin Mellen Press, , 1995, pp. 254, pp. 198-208

Argues radical left never had a cohesive centre and that when movement most confrontational, its liberal wing was working most effectively with the political system. Suggests the movement became associated with social and cultural iconoclasm, which appeal to sections of middle classes, but that the broader public eventually opposed both the war and the antiwar protest, because ‘both seemed to threaten the established social order’.

Year of Publication: 1990

De Benedetti, CharlesChatfield, Charles, The Antiwar Movement of the Vietnam Era, ed. Chatfield, Charles, Syracuse NY, Syracuse University Press, 1990, pp. 495

Detailed and well researched account. Final chapter by Charles Chatfield analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the movement and influence on US policy. Concludes that anti-war activists contributed to the growth of public disaffection with the war, but could not harness it, but that both Johnson and Nixon Administrations adapted their policies in response to pressure from dissenters.

Year of Publication: 1976

Chatfield, Charles, The Americanisation of Gandhi: Images of the Mahatma, New York, Garland, 1976, pp. 802