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David Graeber

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Year of Publication: 2013

Graeber, David, The Democracy Project: A History, a Crisis, a Movement, London, Allen Lane, 2013, pp. 352

Reflections on Occupy Wall Street movement and its beginning in the occupation of Zucotti Park, September 2011, from standpoint of an anarchist theorist.

Year of Publication: 2009

Graeber, David, Direct Action: An Ethnography, Edinburgh and Oakland CA, A.K. Press, 2009, pp. 592

Participant observation study of Global Justice Movement, centred on case study of Summit of the Americas in Quebec City 2001.

Year of Publication: 2002

Graeber, David, The New Anarchists, New Left Review, Vol. II, no. 13 (Jan/Feb), 2002, pp. 61-73