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Mauricio García-Durán

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Year of Publication: 2009

Year of Publication: 2006

Introduces general and specific ways of resistance in Colombia, considering also the crucial role that international solidarity has played for the existence and sustainability of these expressions of unarmed resistance. Plus ppt presentation.

Year of Publication: 2004

Bowen, Ceri ; García-Durán, Mauricio, Living And Resisting In The Shadow Of The Colombian Conflict: Forcibly Displaced People Seen Through A Family Therapy Lens, Peace, Conflict and Development, no. 5 (July), 2004, pp. -16

García-Durán, Mauricio, Alternatives to War: Colombia’s Peace Processes, Sepcial issue: Accord: the Journal of Conflict Resources, no. 14, London, Conciliation Resources, 2004