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Maia Carter Hallward

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Year of Publication: 2012

Carter Hallward, Maia ; Norman, Julie M., Nonviolent Resistance in the Second Intifada: Activism and Advocacy, New York, Palgrave MacMillan, 2012, pp. 196

Year of Publication: 2011

Carter Hallward, Maia, Struggling for a Just Peace: Israeli and Palestinian Activism in the Second Intifada, Gainesville FL, University of Florida Press, 2011, pp. 286

Year of Publication: 2009

Carter Hallward, Maia, Creative Responses to Separation: Israeli and Palestinian Joint Activism in Bil’in, Journal of Peace Research, Vol. 46, no. 4 (July), 2009, pp. 541-558

On a key focus of protest against the ‘Apartheid Wall’.