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Thousands of Arrests: What can Extinction Rebellion learn from the experience of the Committee of 100?, Randle, Michael , Feb-Mar 2020, Issue 2638-2639, (2020)
Randle was a full time organizer for the Committee of 100, which was created in 1960 to promote mass nonviolent direct action, such as sit-downs and occupations, as a strategy to promote unilateral nuclear disarmament by Britain. In this article he compares the Committee's experience with the tactics and aims of Extinction Rebellion, noting the greater acceptability of nonviolent direct action today and the differences between the two threats (nuclear war and major climate change). He also notes that the Committee of 100 ceased to exist after eight years, whilst the more conventional CND has lasted over 60 years.  See also articles by Gabriel Carlyle 'Building the Climate Movement We Need', and Mya-Rose Craig, 'The Point of Striking is to Take Control over Our Futures' in Peace News, 2034-2035, Oct.-Nov. 2019 for further debate about strategy and focus. Carlyle makes a comparison with the US Civil Rights Movement and its localised, focused campaigns combining to create a national movement. Craig stresses the need to prioritize the Global South and when setting out alternatives, to advocate only actions that do not harm communities in poorer countries.
A Guide to Civil Resistance, Carter, April, Randle Michael, and Clark Howard , A Bibliography of People Power and Nonviolent Protest, Volume 1, Talgarth Brecon, p.258, (2013)
Challenge to Nonviolence, Randle, Michael , (Online at, Bradford, p.304, (2002)
A wide-ranging compilation of papers presented to the Nonviolent Action Research Project in Bradford from 1994 to 1999, with extensive notes on the group discussion.
Resistencia Civil, , Barcelona, p.262, (1998)
Translation from English of 1994 study of the evolution of the concepts and practice of nonviolent action since the 18th century to 1991, the trends promoting its use, and its dynamics. The second part examines nonviolent civilian defence.
Civil Resistance, Randle, Michael , (Online at, London, p.259, (1994)
Chapters 1-4 focus on the history and dynamics of nonviolent resistance, and its increasing use in recent decades, within a framework of broader historical analysis. The main emphasis is on national resistance to oppressive regimes. The second half of the book analyses civilian (nonviolent) defence (see A.5.b.)
People Power: The Building of a New European Home, Randle, Michael , Stroud, p.224, (1991)
Chapter 1 discusses the context of the revolutions, ch. 2 the build up of protest (including in Bulgaria) and the role of international pressures. Part II comprises interviews with key participants in 1989, both about the revolutions and future possibilities. Includes interviews on Romania and Slovenia.
Annotated Bibliography on Training for Nonviolent Action and Civilian-Based Defence, Randle, Michael, and Sharp Gene , Westport CT and Paris, p.118, (1981)
Introductory essay by Randle on training and another by Sharp on civilian-based defence.
Support Czechoslovakia, Carter, April, and Randle Michael , London, p.64, (1968)
Account of four transnational teams going to Warsaw Pact capitals to protest against the 1968 Warsaw Pact invasion.