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F.5.v. Culture and Sports

Elsey, Brenda, Fútbol feminista, NACLA Report on the America, Vol. 50, issue 4, 2018, pp. 423-429

It examines the patriarchal structure of the football game that excludes women all across Latin America from the history of football.

Ghaedi, Mona, Packing a Punch, New Internationalist, 08/2019, pp. 50-52

Reports on how Yazidi women in refugee camps in Iraqi Kurdistan are finding ‘a way to fight back’ through learning how to box, after the trauma they endured under ISIS. Illustrated by striking photographs of the ‘Boxing Sisters.’

Imtiaz, Saba, Two wheels good for Karachi's female riders, Guardian Weekly, 05/07/2019,

Brief but illuminating article about the liberatory role of cycling for women, both as a group sport and as means of travelling to and from work and avoiding the crowded public transport, where sexual harassment is rife. Imtiaz notes the hostility of conservative Pakistani men to women cycling.

Pavlidis, Adeele ; O’Brian, Wendy, Sport and feminism in China: On the possibilities of conceiving roller derby as a feminist intervention, Journal of Sociology, Vol. 53, issue 3, 2017, pp. 704-719

The spread of contemporary roller derby presents an opportunity to examine the ways sport can act as a form of feminist intervention. This article draws on a qualitative case study of a roller derby league in China, made up predominantly of expatriate workers, to explore some of the possibilities roller derby presents in activating global forms of feminist participatory action.

Perrone, Alessio, The Saudi street artist speaking truth to power, New Internationalist, 2019, pp. 68-70

Ms Saffaa is a Saudi artist who paints murals to support feminists in Saudi Arabia and transmits her art and political messages through the Internet. She is in exile in Australia (where she had a scholarship to study), having refused to return to Saudi Arabia to renew her passport, and campaigns against the 'guardianship laws', declaring 'I am my own guardian'. The article reproduces one of her murals.

Rottenberg, Silvia, Women art workers in Argentina demand gender equality, and museums start to listen, Hyperallergic, 09/03/2018,

A report on the development of the movement ‘Nosotras Proponemos’ (We Propose) demanding gender equality in the art world and the initiatives that art museums and art centres across the country are embarking on in response to the movement’s proposals.