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B.1.a. Australia

Bennett, Scott, Aborigines and Political Power, Sydney NSW, Allen and Unwin, 1989, pp. 167

General analysis, includes some references to protest.

Mandle, W. F., Going It Alone: Australia’s National Identity in the Twentieth Century, Ringwood VIC, Penguin, 1980

Chapter on ‘Donald Macleod and Australia’s Aboriginal Problem’, pp. 174-89 covers Pilbara strike and Pindan movement of late 1940s.

Read, Peter, Charles Perkins: A Biography, Melbourne VIC, Penguin, 2001, pp. 392

Perkins has been one of the leading activists in New South Wales and his role in leading protests is described in some detail.

See also:

Verity Burgmann, Power and Protest: Movements for Change in Australian Society, (A. 6. Nonviolent Action and Social Movements), Chapter 1 ‘Black Movement, White Stubborness’ covers land occupations, freedom rides, ‘black power’ and the tent embassy.