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I will not keep silent: Khadija rape case spurs women into action in Morocco - video

Author(s): Anaïs Brémon, Irene Baqué, Sabrina Hakimm, Claudine Spera, Liz Ford

In: The Guardian, 2018

After the kidnapping and gang rape of a 17-yearl old young woman called Khadija by 12 men, public outrage in Morocco led women and men to organize a campaign combating violence against women. ‘#Masaktach’ (She was not silent) first took to the streets of Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city, with early members carrying whistles, which they handed out to women as a defense against sexual harassment. Khadija was held for two months, during which time she was starved, drugged, beaten, gang-raped, tortured, tattooed with swastikas, and burned with cigarettes.  

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