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G.4.a. Transgender Issues and Activism Globally

Volume Two -> G. LGBT: Campaigns for Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Rights -> G.4. Minorities within LGBT -> G.4.a. Transgender Issues and Activism Globally

Trans people often experience extreme dangers and difficulties, and their particular problems tend to be peripheral to campaigns for gays and lesbians, although transnational organizations like IGLHRC and ILGA do take up trans cases and support initiatives like the Transgender Day of Remembrance on 1st December for those murdered (the 16th annual remembrance was held in 2014).

But there are now groups and projects which focus on trans people. Transgender Europe monitors and lobbies organizations like the EU and the Council of Europe and national governments and launched the Trans Murder Monitoring project, see:

The Trans Awareness Project (a poster and digital media campaign challenging stereotypes and promoting respect for people of all genders) is sponsored by the University of Minnesota, see: A new dedicated journal on trans issues is Transgender Studies Quarterly:

Despite continuing violence and prejudice, public perceptions of trans people are being challenged in social media, and sometimes in films and TV, and a few governments have begun to recognize trans legally, for example in marriage laws or issuing passports. Support groups as are also burgeoning. See:

  • , The transgender revolution New Internationalist, 01/10/2015 covering a range of issues and including a list of organizations and resources.
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