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A.6.a. General Titles

Bircham, Emma ; Charlton, John, Anti-Capitalism: A Guide to the Movement, London, Bookmarks Publications, 2000, pp. 407

Collection of brief articles on key issues, protest by regions, key actors, and assessments by actors within the movement.

Development, The Movement of Movements, Development, Vol. 48, issue 2 (June), 2005, pp. 1-121

Analysis of Social Forum processes, the nature of the global justice movement and the Zapatista experience. NB: Development, vol. 47 no 3 (2004) is on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’.

Drainville, Andre C., A History of World Order and Resistance: The Making and Unmaking of Global Subjects, London, Routledge, 2011, pp. 216

Looks at Global Justice Movement in a broad historical framework and relates it to case studies of earlier struggles in the USA, UK, France, South Africa, Algeria, the Philippines and Jamaica.

Eschle, Catherine ; Maiguascha, Bice, Critical Theories, International Politics and the ‘Anti-Globalization Movement’: The Politics of Global Resistance, London and New York, Routledge, 2005, pp. 264

George, Susan, Another World Is Possible If …, London, Verso, 2004, pp. 268

Committed political and economic analysis of the injustices and dangers of neoliberal globalization by a leading thinker and activist in the Global Justice Movement. Includes brief discussion of campaigns (Jubilee 2000, opposition to the Multilateral Agreement on Investment, summit protests) and ends with chapter on why the movement should be nonviolent.

Goodman, James, Protest and Globalisation: Prospects for Transnational Solidarity, Annandale NSW, Pluto Press, 2002, pp. 276

Analyses by both Australian and international contributors of problems posed by globalization.

Graeber, David, The New Anarchists, New Left Review, Vol. II, issue 13 (Jan/Feb), 2002, pp. 61-73

Gray, John Scott, Essays in Philosophy: A Biannual Journal, Essays in Philosophy: A Biannual Journal, Vol. 8, issue 2 (June), 2007

Includes essays related to the anti-globalization movement and on civil disobedience in context of transnational mobilization.

Kingsnorth, Paul, One No, Many Yeses: A Journey to the Heart of the Global Resistance Movement, London, Free Press, 2003, pp. 355

Wide ranging exploration of campaigns in all parts of the world seen at first hand. Includes coverage of Sem Terra in Brazil, Cochabamba in Bolivia, township resistance to privatization in South Africa, the Zapatistas, opposition to mining in West Papua, and campaigning groups in the USA. See also his: , Protest still matters New Statesman, 08/05/2006 , 8 May, 2006, discussing why the Global Justice Movement has dropped out of the news, the turn away from street demonstrations to social forums, and stressing that struggles still continue, especially in the Global South.

Monbiot, George, Anticapitalism: A Guide to the Movement, London, Bookmarks, 2001, pp. 416

Nowhere, Notes from, We Are Everywhere: The Irresistible Rise of Global Anticapitalism, London, Verso, 2004

Extensive collection of brief articles on campaigns round the world using different tactics and approaches.

O'Nions, James, New Turn in Tunis, Red Pepper, issue June/July, 2013, pp. 30-32

Assessment of World Social Forum conference in Tunisia March 2013, attempting to link the ‘alter-globalization’ movement and the ‘Arab Spring’.

Polet, Francois, The State of Resistance: Popular Struggles in the Global South, London, Zed Books, 2007, pp. 176

Over 40 contributions from writers and activists on resistance to neoliberal globalization, including material on anti-privatization campaigns in South Africa and Indian peasants opposing the WTO.

Prokosh, Mike ; Raymond, Laura, The Global Activists Manual: Local Ways to Change the World, New York, Thunder Mouth Press/Nation Books, 2002, pp. 324

Accounts of campaigns illustrating movement building and different types of action. Final section on ‘practical tips’ and list of organizations.

Santos, Boaventura De Sousa, The Rise of the Global Left: The World Social Forum and Beyond, London, Zed Books, 2006, pp. 240

Examines history and organization of WSF and argues need to move beyond acting as platform for diverse movements.

Sellers, John, Raising a Ruckus, New Left Review, Vol. II, issue 10 (Jul/Aug), 2001, pp. 71-77

On the evolution of Ruckus out of Greenpeace.

Solnit, David, Globalize Liberation: How to Uproot the System and Build a Better World, San Francisco, City Lights, 2004, pp. 451

Thirty three essays, mainly by US-based activists, on the new radicalism and direct action in the Global Justice Movement.

Starhawk', ', Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising, Gabriola Island BC, New Society Publishers, 2003, pp. 288

Part 1: the author, an activist and ecofeminist, chronicles the global justice movement from Seattle to Genoa. Part 2 explores the future of the movement and debates between advocates of violent and nonviolent tactics.

Starr, Amory, Global Revolt: A Guide to the Movements Against Globalization, London, Zed Books, 2005, pp. 272

Wainwright, Hilary, The WSF on Trial, Red Pepper, issue March, 2005

On the fifth World Social Forum gathering in Porto Alegre.

Welton, Neva ; Wolf, Linda, Global Uprising: Confronting the Tyrannies of the 21st Century, Gabriola Island BC, New Society Publishers, 2001, pp. 273