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A.1.a.i. California Grape Pickers' Strike and Boycott Campaign, 1965-1970

Volume Two -> A. Campaigns for Social and Economic Justice -> A.1. Campaigns by Workers -> A.1.a. Selected Strikes -> A.1.a.i. California Grape Pickers' Strike and Boycott Campaign, 1965-1970

This was an important strike by the very poor and marginalized Chicano (Mexican American) workers, supported by wider union action to boycott handling grapes and by a consumer boycott, so it has attracted widespread interest on the left. Because of the emphasis on maintaining nonviolence, especially by the leading figure Cesar Chavez, it is also well covered in books on nonviolent action.

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Very detailed account and analysis by former civil rights activist who also worked in the fields for six seasons 1971 and 1979, charting contradictions within the movement and the role of Chavez, based on hundreds of field reports and first hand experience.

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Well documented and illustrated account of movement.

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Includes assessment of impact of grape pickers’ strike on immigrant labour in other industries.