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programme of the seminar 'unarmed resistance: the transnational factor'

Centre for Peace and Reconciliation Studies
Coventry University

International Seminar

Unarmed Resistance: the transnational factor
13 -17 July 2006

Thursday, 13 July

15.30 Opening

The purpose of the seminar Howard Clark

Researching nonviolence Brian Martin

The role of external actors in the Ukraine Majken Soerensen

Friday, 14 July

09.30 Reflection on previous day

The downfall of Milosevic Nenad Belcević

Nonviolent action for human rights

a) Gays and Lesbians in Zimbabwe Chesterfield Samba

b) Solidarity with war resistance in Turkey Andreas Speck

14.30 Palestine

a) the role of nonviolence Omar Mansour

b) International Solidarity Movement Veronique Dudouet

c) other experiences Ann Wright - Ecumenical Accompaniers
David Cockburn - Christian Peacemaker Team

Saturday, 15 July

9.30 Reflections on previous day

a) Nonviolent movements for peace Mauricio Garcia Duran

b) Twinning peace groups Francesca Certelli

c) Peace Brigades International Louise Winstanley (PBI)

14.30 Axes of solidarity

Faith Ann Farr

Diasporas Andrew Rigby

Movement against globalisation Stellan Vinthagen

Sunday, 16 July

9.30 Reflection on previous day

The strategy of protective accompaniment Luis Enrique Eguren

Providing security: beyond carrots and sticks Christine Schweitzer

Balkan Peace Team Howard Clark

14.30 India: resisting over-industrialisation

a) Community struggles Anand Mazgaonkar

b) Against the menace of mining Felix Padel

Monday, 17 July

9.30 Reflection on previous day

Creating a more favourable climate for nonviolence

Nonviolent resistance and intergovernmental organisations April Carter

Funding people’s power Jorgen Johansen

Where do we go from here? Howard Clark