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Popular movements round the world have used unarmed or strictly nonviolent resistance to topple oppressive regimes, demand democratic reforms, resist wars, protect the environment and claim social justice or rights for those suffering discrimination.  There is a growing amount of information about these movements and campaigns both in print and on the web.  The aim of this website is to provide a guide to the range of literature and resources available, and to enable users to look in more depth at particular movements, key figures and organisations in the practice of nonviolent action, as well as the theory of civil resistance and important debates about nonviolence.    
This guidance is provided in particular by the online version of A Guide to Civil Resistance Vol. 1, which provides summary historical background to numerous people power movements since 1945, i.e. movements which seek to overthrow dictatorship, authoritarian regimes,end foreign occupation or more generally bring about fundamental change in the political or economic system, and annotated bibliographies on each, as well as a wide ranging introduction to the theory and practice of nonviolent action. Vol. 2, which focuses on social movements, i..e.movements for social, economic and political reform, is in preparation – in the interim we are maintaining on this site relevant sections on social movements from the  2006 bibliography People Power and Protest Since 1945 compiled by April Carter, Howard Clark and Michael Randle.
In addition this website provides  pdf and Word versions of a few important books on civil resistance that are out of print, as well as making links to classic works available elsewhere online and providing regular updates on  books recently published that are specially relevant.  Since important campaigns using predominantly or exclusively nonviolent methods are continually taking place (many not covered the by the mainstream media) this website also has up-to-date news from other websites specialising in reporting nonviolent action. 

News from Peace News

Tom Morton-Smith, Oppenheimer; Angus Jackson (dir), Oppenheimer

Mon, 1 June 2015

Oberon Books, 2015; 96pp; £9.99; Vaudeville Theatre, London, 27 March – 23 May 2015

ImageTom Morton-Smith’s newly-commissioned play for

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'Gamifying' peace

Mon, 1 June 2015


New app to 'educate' soldiers

ImageThe ‘Fighter, not Killer’ app for Apple and

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News from War Resisters' International

Test languages

Wed, 27 May 2015

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Stopping the War Business: 16 - 17 October: Seoul, Republic of Korea

Tue, 26 May 2015

[an international seminar on war profiteering] Stopping the War Businesstalking tactics and linking methods 16 - 17 October 2015: Seoul, Republic of Korea Please register hereSouth Korean activists take action against the ADEX arms fair in 2013South Korean activists take action against the ADEX arms fair in 2013For antimilitarists, disrupting war profiteering means knocking out the economic pillars that make war inevitable. It goes far...

Featured News from ICNC

Russia: “Hiding in plain sight” - Putin's war in Ukraine

Fri, 29 May 2015

Maksymilian Czuperski, et al, Atlantic Council, May 27, 2015 Russian citizens and soldiers are fighting and dying in a war of their government's making. Putin denies Russian involvement, but the evidence is overwhelming. Satellite images confirm the movement of Russian troops and camp build-ups along the Ukrainian border. These are among the findings of “Putin.War”, conceived by the late opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was assassinated on February 27. One day, he announced: “I know what we have to do. We’ll write a report, called Putin.War, publish a bunch of copies and hand it out on the streets. We’ll tell how Putin unleashed this war.”

Egypt: President Sisi is fueling discontent

Fri, 29 May 2015

Trudy Rubin, The Seattle Times, May 23, 2015 The Sisi regime has vowed to destroy the Brotherhood government, and has also gone after leaders of liberal groups, such as the April 6 movement, which were organizers of the Tahrir revolt. Bloggers and journalists also languish in prison. “They want to crush any kind of movement that can create an opposition to them,” says Emad Shahin, an internationally renowned scholar. By crushing all political dissent, President Sisi is repeating Mubarak’s mistakes and once more fueling the frustrations that led to the Tahrir Square explosions. “He’s shut down every peaceful avenue for civic participation,” says Shahin.

News from Waging Nonviolence

5 arrested in protests against treatment of trans immigrants by ICE

Fri, 29 May 2015

by Ashoka Jegroo
Dozens of trans and queer protesters shut down an intersection outside an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center in Santa Ana, California early on May 28 in order to demand an end to the inhumane treatment of immigrants, particularly trans and queer immigrants.
The protesters gathered at Flowers Street and Civic Center Drive at around 8 a.m., where they formed a triangular human chain linked to a metal cage in the center of the...

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Arizona protesters organize against Border Patrol checkpoints

Thu, 28 May 2015

by Ashoka Jegroo
Protesters at the Border Patrol checkpoint in Arivaca, Arizona on May 27. (Twitter/No More Deaths)Protesters at the Border Patrol checkpoint in Arivaca, Arizona on May 27. (Twitter/No More Deaths)
Protesters from a small Arizona town staged a demonstration at a nearby border checkpoint early on May 27 to express their opposition to its presence as well as the discriminatory and racist practices of Border Patrol.
“If I was with a ‘brown’ person, I’m stopped. If I’m by myself, I’m a honkey, and I go right through,” protester...

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