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Popular movements round the world have used unarmed or strictly nonviolent resistance to topple oppressive regimes, demand democratic reforms, resist wars, protect the environment and claim social justice or rights for those suffering discrimination.  There is a growing amount of information about these movements and campaigns both in print and on the web.  The aim of this website is to provide a guide to the range of literature and resources available, and to enable users to look in more depth at particular movements, key figures and organisations in the practice of nonviolent action, as well as the theory of civil resistance and important debates about nonviolence.    
This guidance is provided in particular by the online version of A Guide to Civil Resistance Vol. 1, which provides summary historical background to numerous people power movements since 1945, i.e. movements which seek to overthrow dictatorship, authoritarian regimes,end foreign occupation or more generally bring about fundamental change in the political or economic system, and annotated bibliographies on each, as well as a wide ranging introduction to the theory and practice of nonviolent action. Vol. 2, which focuses on social movements, i..e.movements for social, economic and political reform, is in preparation – in the interim we are maintaining on this site relevant sections on social movements from the  2006 bibliography People Power and Protest Since 1945 compiled by April Carter, Howard Clark and Michael Randle.
In addition this website provides  pdf and Word versions of a few important books on civil resistance that are out of print, as well as making links to classic works available elsewhere online and providing regular updates on  books recently published that are specially relevant.  Since important campaigns using predominantly or exclusively nonviolent methods are continually taking place (many not covered the by the mainstream media) this website also has up-to-date news from other websites specialising in reporting nonviolent action. 

News from Peace News

Vron Ware, Beyond the Pale: White Women, Racism, and History

Sat, 1 August 2015

Verso, 2015; 282pp; £11.99

ImageOnce upon a time (not very long a

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London Black Revs (2)

Sat, 1 August 2015

Earlier in the year, there were two groups in London both calling themselves ‘London Black Revolutionaries’ (LBR), with rival Facebook pages.

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News from War Resisters' International

Peace camps! Peace News (UK) and AA.MOC summer gathering (state of Spain)

Tue, 28 July 2015

peace camppeace campWRI's affiliate in the state of Spain - Alternativa Antimilitarista.MOC - are holding their summer gathering from 29th July to 2nd August, in Barcelona.

WRI publications survey

Tue, 28 July 2015

WRI produces a variety of newsletters and publications. We're currently reviewing the scale and reach of WRI's publications, and welcoming our readers and contributors suggestions and insights as to how they could be improved in the future. We would really appreciate you taking a few minutes to fill in this short survey.In English: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VKK97HM

Featured News from ICNC

Russia: Mass protests could lead to defection of elites from Putin

Fri, 10 July 2015

Amanda Taub, Vox, July 8, 2015 To President Putin, ex-Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych’s fate is a reminder of the danger protests could pose to his own regime, i.e. he could be ousted from power via "Maidan technology." Although Putin tends to couch those fears in warnings of "foreign coups" or "CIA plots", his concern is that a mass protest movement could force him into an impossible choice between popular support, political control, and the loyalty of Russia’s elite. The elite “would never make the first move, but they will join the winning side," said Ilya Ponomarev, a former Russian lawmaker who now lives in exile. For all of Putin’s apparent strength in crushing political dissent, this reveals weakness against his own elites.

Hong Kong: Umbrella Movement was "just the beginning"

Fri, 10 July 2015

Samson Yuen and Edmund Cheng, ChinaFile, July 1, 2015 Those in power, whether they sit in Beijing or in Hong Kong, now face a society that will be increasingly difficult to govern in the same old way. Members of Hong Kong’s younger generations are now asking for what they believe they deserve—not a promising course of socio-economic development, but the right to determine the future for themselves. For now, the city might have returned to normal. But if the government thought that all it took to return everything to normal was a clearing of the streets, history will prove them wrong. A few hours before the police cleared the streets of the last protestors, a large yellow banner bearing the image of an umbrella still hung saying, “It’s just the beginning.”

News from Waging Nonviolence

To succeed, movements must overcome the tension between rationality and emotion

Wed, 29 July 2015

by George Lakey

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When it comes to action, we are pulled by two tendencies that seem compatible but in practice are often in tension. We want our movements to be rational – that is, to strategize well, use resources efficiently, and stay nimble. Yet, on the other hand, we may also want the products of emotion: to experience solidarity, to let empathy connect us with those who haven’t joined us, and to tap the righteous anger that goes with caring about injustice.
In my lifetime social movements have increasingly turned to trainers to...

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Communities struggling against mining win major victory in Guatemala

Tue, 28 July 2015

by Jeff Abbott
(WNV/Jeff Abbott)The victory was celebrated with a piñata of Darth Vader holding a sign with the name of the mine, which was enjoyed by both children and adults. (WNV/Jeff Abbott)
For three years the communities of San Jose del Golfo and San Pedro Ayampuc have struggled against the construction of a gold mine in their communities. The La Puya resistance has maintained their opposition in the face of criminalization and violence, but they have finally won a major...

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