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A Guide to Civil Resistance, Carter, April, Randle Michael, and Clark Howard , A Bibliography of People Power and Nonviolent Protest, Volume 1, Talgarth Brecon, p.258, (2013)
People Power and Political Change: Key Issues and Concepts, Carter, April , London, p.207, (2012)
Focuses on unarmed national movements of resistance to imperial, dictatorial or semi-authoritarian rule in relation to the theories and experience of guerrilla warfare, revolution, concepts of power and links between people power and electoral processes. The discussion, which draws on a range of literatures (including theories of nonviolent action, political thought and democratization) is then set in a global context.
Direct Action and Democracy Today, Carter, April , Cambridge, p.298, (2005)
Examines a range of justifications for nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience in liberal parliamentary states, and shows the shifts in debate both within protest movements and in response to them. Also discusses unarmed resistance to corporate exploitation and neoliberal economic policies in a global context.
Peace Movements: International Protest and World Politics Since 1945, Carter, April , London, p.283, (1992)
Particular focus on European and North American movements against nuclear weapons in the 1950s-60s and 1980s and East European responses in the 1980s. But other nuclear disarmament protests, peace campaigns on other issues and nonviolent initiatives in other parts of the world are indicated more briefly.
The Sahara Protest Team, Carter, April , London, p.31, (1977)
On a transnational expedition in 1959-60 attempting to prevent French nuclear tests in the Algerian Sahara.
Support Czechoslovakia, Carter, April, and Randle Michael , London, p.64, (1968)
Account of four transnational teams going to Warsaw Pact capitals to protest against the 1968 Warsaw Pact invasion.